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We are Financial-Ship. We provide Outsourced bookkeeping services currently only for small businesses in the US and UK.

Headquarters based in Tirana,Albania

We offer 24/7 Live Chat Client Support

Why Choose Us


Our team of experts consist of highly motivated and skilled talents. All of them have a bachelor diploma in Finance or Economics furthermore they are all certified in QuickBooks Online Accountant as “Advanced Pro Advisors”.


Financial-Ship ensures full data security for its clients. We invest a lot of money and time in our security department because it is very important for us as an outsource bookkeeping company. Most of your business’ information will be shared via QuickBooks Online.

Great management

One of the benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping services is never having to worry about deadlines. Instead of putting all your time and effort adjusting and reporting your financial transactions, the third-party bookkeeper does it for you.


With only a click away, you can hire an entire bookkeeping staff whose members are licensed, knowledgeable, and publicly acknowledged as trustworthy service providers in the field. Our professionals are known to conduct themselves with high regard of ethical practices.These experts may not be available locally but are the keys to optimizing your financial stability.

Saving on overall expenses

Our experts analyse your books, inform you when you’re spending too much on a project, or losing profit in another venture. Pinpointing where you could be wasting money helps you prevent larger losses in the long run.

Pricing below the market

Financial-ship offers the lowest prices in the US&UK market. It will save you a lot of money if you decide to choose us as your bookkeeper. All your business’ data are saved in your QuickBooks account as you may know, and it will be really easy for both of us proceeding in the future.

Several partnerships

Financial-Ship is maintaining and reaching several opportunities of partnership. Currently, we are co-operating with some accounting firms located in the UK and India. Financial-ship works as their back-office support and helps them lessen their workload and reach the tax filings in time. On the other hand, these accounting firms WITH YOUR PERMISSON can help us in auditing year-end financial statements in order to comply with the law and file them as accurate as possible with no charge to you. But if you want your accountant to do this procedure for you it is no problem to us.


It means moving away from traditional bookkeeping and compliance services and looking for more ways to add value to our client’s business. This means riding the wave of change and leveraging technology to meet our client’s needs – from moving to the cloud to embracing automation.


Our Executive Team

Meet some of the people who make Financial-Ship a Great Team

Dalip Celbeqiri

Managing Director & CEO

Eni Kokomani

Chief Operating Officer & CEO

Arnold Celbeqiri

Client Support US

Alan Hyseni

UK Partner & bookkeeper

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